sp 101 wholde course

SP 101 Slalom Course

The ACCUFLOAT SP is designed for temporary applications where portability and quick installation are necessary.The entire course will fit easily into a ski boat, and can be installed or removed in 30-90 minutes. The ACCUFLOAT SP maintains tournament level accuracy by using a stainless steel main cable that resists stretching and deterioration, while the arms are made from thick wall, telescopic PVC ranging from 2 1/2" to 1" diameter

Telescoping buoy arms. The arms use quick release hardware to facilitate rapid extension and retraction. They will compact to 8' 10" x 2.5" diameter

PVC coated stainless steel main cable. The PVC coated cable is easy to handle, resists kinks, and will not lose dimensional accuracy. The cable is made in sections, allowing for easy conversion to a four buoy course or for section replacement

Easy roll up cable reel. This free standing noncorrosive reel has a hand crank and a carrying handle. It can be conveniently located on most boats for easily reeling of the cable during installation and removal of the course

Hardware kit and instructions. All necessary hardware to assemble the course and attach the buoys is included. Assembly and installation instructions show a quick and easy method to install and remove the course. No tools required



telescoping buoy arms
cable spool
course assembly
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