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Six Buoy Slalom Course
Ideal for a more permanent location

The ACCUFLOAT SC-108 offers Many exclusive design features...

Its design makes the course easy to install, remove or move from location to location. A 259 meter long cable connects all crossarms and components, and 200 lbs. of tention aligns the components perfectly. The total network is supended under water by buoys

Modular sections of the cable make them easily replaceable in case of damage. Lost buoys can be replaced without diving and submerged parts are virtually work-free

Changing water levels have no affect on the ACCUFLOAT SC-108 slalom course. Five feet of water is all you need for installation

Ethafoam cylindrical gate buoys! Recognized as a legal size, these popular and inexpensive buoys measure 15 cm X 28 cm and are approved for record capable tournaments Because of their construction

these buoys...

do not sink
do not cause damage to either propellers or boats
can not be snagged by ropes
can take numerous propeller strikes
are easy to see because they stand up higher than other buoys and are bright yellow

cylindrical buoy