The SP-J4 is a jet ski slalom course that is used by both amateur and professional jet skiers. As well as being easy to set up and maintain, the SP-J4 is unaffected by changing water levels, does not require diving to set up, and has been declared legal for use in IJSBA sanctioned events

high impact plastic reel

The SP-J4 comes on a high impact plastic reel complete with outside crank and carrying handle. Due to its small size, it can be transported easily


The mainline cable is a military spec stainless steel cable with a PVC coating. It's easy to handle, resists kinks, and will not lose dimensional accuracy. The cable is made in sections, allowing for easy replacement

telescopic arms

The arms are a four section telescoping arm which use quick release hardware to facilitate rapid extension and retraction

How does the SP-J4 work?

The SP-J4 consists of a stainless steel mainline cable which connects all of the cross arms and components together. The cable, along with 100 lbs. of tension, aligns the course perfectly. The entire structure of the course is suspended underwater by buoys

All mainline cable hardware is stainless steel. The hardware needed to install the course and attach the buoys is included. The instructions show a quick and easy method to install and remove the course

jet ski course layout